Requests sent from the website will be dealt with individually. Get in touch with us to get a treatment Estimate, Second Opinion and you can even Book an Appointment. The hospital team will contact you to understand the medical requirement.
    Pre-consultation Evaluation: To assess the nature and complexity of the treatment required, patients will have to send their case history and medical reports via e-mail.
    Online Consultation: The patient will have a detailed consultation with the treating doctor to take things forward and draw up a tentative plan of care.
    Treatment Plan: The treating doctor and the hospital team will provide a comprehensive course of treatment (and options) and a cost estimate. Based on this, the patient and his/her family will co-ordinate with the hospital to finalize the likely treatment, length of stay, and the cost.


    Medical Visa Assistance: The International Patient Facilitation Centre provides medical visa assistance and international care coordinators will assist the patient (or relative) through the entire process. A valid passport copy is mandatory for this step. Post the patient and family's acknowledgment, the hospital team will share all the necessary documents required for visa application. On receipt of the documents, the patient can apply for a visa in their respective country. Patient/family can book their tickets after the visa approval.
    Transfer Support: All patients and their attendants are picked-up from the airport by the international support services team and escorted to the hospital or the hotel, where accommodation has been arranged.


    Accommodation: The centre aids in arranging short-term and long-term accommodation, depending on the need, close to the hospital premises for easy accessibility and convenienece
    Translation Services: The centre offers interpreters and translation services for international patients to communicate easily with the locals, doctors and staff
    Food of Choice: The centre facilitates all suitable menus like Continental, Middle Eastern etc
    Phone & Internet Facility: The centre provides phone facility and high-speed Wi-Fi access at any given point in time to contact relatives
    Travel and Tourism Services: The centre will make all the necessary arrangements for local sight-seeing and recreation
    Pre-operation/Procedure Check-up: A complete physical examination by the treating doctor followed by investigations. The final surgery/treatment estimate will be shared with the patient and family. Onsite examination after arrival may sometimes vary from what was observed during online consultation.
    Procedure and Post-operative Care: The procedure would be performed as per the schedule and post-operative care/rehabilitation is provided if necessary. Also, proper orientation is given to the patient/family to ensure seamless recovery.


    The Hospital team would provide assistance for return travel to the native country. We help you in booking the tickets and making necessary travel arrangements. Local travel arrangements can also be made for the patient and his/her family and attendants. This would be followed by regular connect with the patient by the treating doctor and patient-physician in his/her own country.

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